I felt pizza was lacking a certain quality, this great food had become either to basic or too expensive, so I sought out to make a fresh pizza at a reasonable price. It took a little time but was worth it. I went to find the freshest vegetables on the market and wanted each vegetable hand sliced and prepared in the store in order to guarantee freshness.

Next I looked for a great tasting cheese that wouldn’t saturate the pizza with grease but instead enhance the pizza with taste.

My favorite ingredient though, is the sauce. A blend of 100% pure tomatoes is mixed with an array of spices to bring out each unique flavor of the ingredients.

Of course when creating the pizza I could not forget the foundation, the dough. The dough is aged for forty eight hours so it can obtain its best flavor.

I went in search of a pizza beyond ordinary standards and believe you will agree this has reached extraordinary ends.

But everybody knows a great pizza goes beyond just the taste of the pizza. When dining with Canyon Pizza we want you to enjoy the whole experience!

That’s why we pride ourselves on fresh ingredients, fresh tastes, and fresh thinking. We believe it is these three points which pinpoint a fresh experience.

The staff is friendly and will go out of their way to make an item most pleasing to you.

This is why I guarantee if your pizza or service is in anyway not pleasing to you I’ll give you 100% of your money back or buy you dinner from any other pizza place of your choice for FREE.